Do you Find Time to Keep Learning?

bookesWow did this summer go by quickly.  In less than two weeks my oldest son will be heading back to school and my youngest starting preschool.  We’re spending these last days of summer preparing for school by shopping, finishing up summer homework and trying to get them to bed at a decent hour.

Getting them ready to go “back to school” got me to thinking about how learning is something you should never stop doing.  Especially when you’re an entrepreneur!  (I love to learn anything and everything.)

Time is a precious commodity to entrepreneurs, so the question becomes when do we find the time? Here are a few tips to help you find the time to keep learning all year long.

1. Schedule time each week

Learning has to become an obsession or habit. What’s an easy way to help build a habit? Schedule it!

2. Read, Read, & Read

Find blogs, websites, and books that help you become a better person and entrepreneur.  Here are a few ideas: – Great site for helpful articles and interviews with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs. – Contains information about anything from start-ups to management.

Crush it! by Gary Vaynerchuk – Definitely a must read for anyone interested in building their personal brand.

All Business –  Covers how-to advice, analysis, and commentary from experts in all areas of business.

How To Change the World – Guy Kawasaki speaks to entrepreneurs giving eager business owners advice from his own experience, along with much-needed reality checks.

Small Biz Survival – Becky McCray, self-described “small town entrepreneur,” digs into her own successes, failures, and small-town-entrepreneur experiences.

3. Find Mentors

There is no better way to learn than from someone who has lived it.  Most people will be willing to help someone who is just starting out. They see it as a chance to save someone from making the same mistakes they did. Also, connect with entrepreneurs from many different fields and that can pick apart your business. You want them finding every hole possible. This will help you in the long run.

You don’t have to contact a particular entrepreneur to have them as a mentor.  For instance…

  • Try and learn everything you can about them online.
  • Subscribe to their YouTube channel.
  • Subscribe to their RSS feed for their blogs.
  • Find and listen to every interview and speaking engagement they’ve ever done.

What do you read?  Please share your thoughts, feedbacks and recommendations.  I always appreciate it.

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. says

    Hi Susan,

    Outside of the things you mention, I also read things that are specific to my craft (software engineering books and blogs) and the industry I’m in (currently, I work for a company called Yodle, so I follow blogs on local marketing blogs).

    One question I have for you: learning isn’t just reading, it usually has a doing component. Programmers often do throw-away practice projects to learn some new skill or technology. What’s the equivalent for entrepeneurs?

    • admin says


      Thank you for your comment. You are so correct about doing not just reading. So what’s the equivalent of doing for entrepreneurs, here is what I do since I’m a doer. If I read or hear about something that resonates with me, I do it. I believe you have to take action and chances to see what works for you. It comes down to trial and error. You can’t be afraid to try or to fail. Otherwise you won’t succeed. That’s what I believe.

      Enjoy your day,

  2. says

    I love Success magazine. It has a cd in each issue that contains interviews of successful people with real advice of how they did it. Very helpful for any industry. I also love the Eventual Millionaire podcast. She interviews a millionaire business owner every week, again with real how to tips. There are over 100 interviews in the archives already. I listen to a lot of audio programs ad books so I can utilize my commute and slow time at work. Great advice, Susan!

  3. Nadine Herring says

    Hey Susan I love to learn as well, and I especially love a challenge; tell me I can’t do something and I will go out of my way to prove how wrong you are!

    I definitely need to start reading more about other entrepreneurs and what they are doing to be successful and the skills needed to achieve those goals. I also love to learn new things so I am going to take as many free classes as I can (LOL) and strategically choose the paid ones so I can get the best bang for my buck!

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