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We conduct several FREE training webinars every month on a number of different topics in both business & technology. Below you will find links to several of our popular webinars, just in case you missed one. No opt-in is required for webinars that have already been held, just click the title and enjoy!

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We will be starting a bi-weekly Google Hangouts On Air where you can ask any questions & chat with other Virtual Assistants. Stay tuned for more details.

FREE Webinars

Current LIVE FREE Webinar

This week’s FREE webinar topic is on 5 Secrets To Starting a VA Business on Friday 11/14 @ 11:00 AM PST. Sign up here – http://bit.ly/1urFTcC.

Technology Webinars

Virtual Assistant Training by The Techie Mentor1ShoppingCart Tips – Get a great overview of 1ShoppingCart® along with tips on packaging & pricing it as a service.

Infusionsoft ServicesTips on packaging, pricing & offering Infusionsoft® in your VA business.

TeamworkPM For VAs – Learn how to setup multiple clients, tasks & deadlines using TeamworkPM.

WishList Member - See what WishList Member® is all about, along with tips on offering it as a service.

WordPress Services – Learn what it takes to offer WordPress® as a service in your business. It is more than just WordPress® knowledge!

WordPress Websites - Learn tips & tricks on building WordPress® websites for yourself or your clients.

WordPress Basics - Learn the basics of WordPress® including adding pages, posts & images.

WordPress Themes & Plugins - Learn tips & tricks for selecting WordPress® themes and plugins.

Business Webinars

Virtual Assistant Training by The Techie Mentor

Break Out of Analysis Paralysis - Take action on moving forward in building your VA business.

Create a FAB Free Offer – Learn tips & tricks for creating a free offer for your website.

Marketing 101 for VAs  – Do you struggle with finding clients? Learn tips on targeting your market and finding your niche.

Write a Rockin RFP Response – Learn my secret tips for standing out when responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP).

Secrets to Starting a VA Business - Do you have questions on starting a VA biz? This webinar answers many of the common questions when starting out.

Secrets to Finding VA Clients – Learn tips & tricks on finding clients that can afford you and who value your expertise.

Tips to Packaging Your Expertise - Learn tips on packaging & pricing your expertise – break away from trading dollars for hours!

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What I love about Susan’s training courses is she is always there to lend a helping hand. She really shows through her training that she is passionate about what she does and really want her students to succeed. I took Susan’s 1Shopping Cart Basics training course in October 2013 and enjoy how she goes into detail about how to use the program. She is also excellent about going back over something if you don’t understand it the first time. I also love the fact that she records the live webinars for you to download if you missed the scheduled training course. I am so impressed with Susan’s training courses that I have signed up for three more courses to help with my administrative consultant business. The best part of her training courses is once you complete the course you receive a certificate of completion which I love to show off on my website and social media platforms that I am trained and experienced in my line of work . Susan knows her stuff!

LaToya HaynesDriven Results VP

I recently completed PM 101 – Project Management class since I have never had any knowledge of it, and I wanted to learn how to better benefit my clients. My client and I have just started using a PM system and now I am teaching her! Highly recommend this class ( as well as of her other ones).